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Europe Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017 - Improving Economic Conditions to Propel Growth

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"Europe Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017 - Improving Economic Conditions to Propel Growth". The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the Remote Patient Monitoring Market.

The present report on "Europe Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017 - Improving Economic Conditions to Propel Growth” gives a comprehensive analysis with past, present and future outlook of the nutraceutical industry. The report discusses the UK, Germany, France and Italy nutraceutical markets with future prospects till 2017. The study also entails major industry segments such as functional food, functional beverages and dietary supplements and sub-segments of the market. Additionally, the report has discussed supporting factors such as ongoing trends and developments, government regulations and has highlighted major players operating in the industry with their market share and profiles.

The functional food and beverages market, similar to other markets globally, has maintained supremacy over the nutraceuticals sector, accounting for ~% of the overall revenues in 2012. The sheer expanse of the variety of products included in this category has helped this category to account for majority of the contribution in the nutraceuticals sector. The share of dietary supplements stood at ~% in 2012 in Europe. 

The improving market conditions in the coming years are expected to benefit both the consumer and business environment in the region. The companies operating in the nutraceuticals sector are expected to put in efforts to meet the needs of the consumers in increasingly sophisticated manner in the area of health and welfare. The introduction of nutraceuticals targeted at providing specific benefits is expected to urge the consumers to dedicate increasing wallet share to these products. The contributions of the UK and Italy are expected to expand in the next five years. The shares of the UK will incline to ~% by 2017, while that of Italy would be ~% in the same year. Germany and France on the other hand are expected to witness a fall in their revenue shares even though the value growth of the respective markets is expected to reach USD ~ million and ~ million respectively by 2017.

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In the coming years, the growth in the major markets of Europe will largely be supported by the companies leveraging on product positioning strategies to target specific health needs of consumers. 

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
  • The market size of the nutraceuticals covers Europe, the UK, France, Germany and Italy in terms of revenues.
  • Market Segmentation of the Europe Nutraceuticals industry on the basis of geography and types of products.
  • Market Segmentation of the UK, Germany, France and Italy Nutraceuticals Industry by functional food and beverage and dietary supplements and sub segmentation by product form, benefit-derived and distribution
  • Government Rules and Regulations prevailing in overall Europe, the UK, Germany, France and Italy Nutraceuticals industries
  • Trends and Developments in the UK, Germany, France and Italy Nutraceuticals industry.
  • Competitive landscape, market shares and company profiles of the major players
  • Future outlook and projections of Europe, the UK, Germany, France and Italy Nutraceuticals industries in terms of revenues
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