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Brazil and South Korea Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"Brazil and South Korea Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017". The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the Remote Patient Monitoring Market.

Brazil Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017 - Growing Concerns towards Digestive Health to Foster Revenues

The research report on “Brazil Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017 - Growing Concerns towards Digestive Health to Foster Revenues” provides comprehensive study of the Brazil nutraceutical market discussing the market share, market segments and sub-segments of functional food, functional beverages and dietary supplements. The report also highlights major industry trends and developments, players positioning and future outlook of the industry.

A rich profile of the natural resources and a large domestic market, have helped the nutraceuticals market in Brazil to register strong growth over the past few years. Moreover, increasing shift towards healthy dietary consumption in an exploding middle class population has further augmented the sales of nutraceutical products in the country. The country has witnessed significant alterations in the overall age structure of the population over the span of 2006-2012, featuring growing number of older adults. This has further provided an impetus to the drive towards the consumption of healthy food and supplements in the country. All these factors helped the nutraceuticals industry in Brazil to expand to USD 13,642.3 million in 2012, registering a share of 5.3% in the global revenues.

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The country has witnessed a nutrition transformation owing to an increasing proportion of overweight population in the country. This growing epidemic of obesity has raised increasing concerns about the type of food being consumed, with a focus on avoiding diabetes and cardiovascular problems. The revenues of nutraceuticals industry in Brazil have been encouraged by the robust growth of the key sub markets of functional food and beverages and dietary supplements. The functional food and beverages market has showcased a continuous expansion, both in terms of revenues and offerings. The fortified products market of Brazil is extremely diverse, which has been rising at a double-digit growth rate since 2006, with an exception of 2009. Dairy products, yoghurt and fortified soft drinks have witnessed the highest demand in Brazil over the years. 

South Korea Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017- Sales of Ginseng Products to Drive Revenues

The report titled “South Korea Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook to 2017 - Sales of Ginseng Products to Drive Revenues” provides a detailed analysis of the industry covering various aspects including market size in terms of revenues, market segmentation on the basis of ingredients, distribution channels and types of establishments and industry developments in the past. The report also includes competitive landscape and market share of the major players operating in the industry. The future projections are included to provide an insight on the prospects in the South Korea nutraceuticals market.South Korea has been amongst the major nations for functional products in the Asia-Pacific market. The consumption of the functional food as well as the nutritional supplements in South Korea is primarily ingredient-oriented. Red Ginseng has been the major selling functional food and supplement ingredient in the country for several years and accounts for more than half of the market revenues. Apart from this, vitamin and mineral supplements, aloe and omega-3 fatty acids having also been gaining increasing market shares.

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